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A Life-Changing Journey to Damanhur by: Seth Hargett

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A Life-Changing Journey to Damanhur

by: Seth Hargett


    In 2007, while researching one of my favorite topics, Atlantis, on the internet I stumbled across one of the Damanhur sites depicting the paintings of the time travel adventure to the advanced ancient civilization, and so began one of the most significant journeys of my life. After studying the Damanhur website I knew I had to go to this place.

    Since my youth I have felt that I was put here to live and play in such a way as the Damanhurians were describing. I had been searching for years for such a collective with such unique vision and I was relieved to have finally found what I had been looking for. Shortly after, I made plans for the journey not knowing what exactly would happen when I got there. I did not have much money to spend so I was putting it up to the cosmos to see me through such a quest knowing that I had to go no matter what. I sold my jeep, quit my job, moved out of my studio and headed to the airport with my one way ticket and my backpack.

    The over sea flight was full of good feelings and a sense of ease that only comes when one is fulfilling their life plan, and upon arrival I was impressed with how the people of Damanhur made me feel welcome and at home. Even though I could not speak Italian I received many smiles and an overall feeling of goodwill coming from the residents. Because of my lack of funds I had not planned on doing a paid program or tour so I was just going to jump straight into a work exchange program in hopes that I could learn more about the people of Damanhur. Well it seems creator had other plans for me.

     Turns out I showed up just as a primi passi tour group was beginning to show up, which I had no previous idea about. After meeting the travelers from the group we made some interesting connections. One of the women from the group recognized me from a past life and claimed that my deceased sister came to her and commanded her to pay for my attendance. The mysterious woman proved to be psychic because I had not told her of my deceased sister nor how demanding she could be. I accepted the money with shock and took it as a sign to go forward with the tour group. Over the following few weeks my world was turned inside out and I began to see through new eyes. Having never been out of the USA I was in awe at my situation and I knew that great forces were at work to make this happen for me. I learned much from the primi passi tour and made connections of a lifetime with the other members.

    I took a very deep interest in Selfica, all the art, and the Temples of Humankind which touched my being on a magnetic cellular level. While staying in the nucleo above the temples I had a very profound experience where Falco came to me in a dream and touched my forehead. This caused a surge of energy and magnetism to pulse through my body and created a very pleasant yet profound feeling that is very hard to describe. It was as if I received a sort of download or activation. The other person in the room said she also felt a very profound energy in the room that night and asked me what I was doing. She described the energy as being orgasmic and it was actually her experiencing of this that actually woke me from the dream.

    Well he must have planted a seed or awakened a deep memory within me because now after five years I have continued to develop and benefit from my own form of selfica as well as live a very artistic and community based life. My life has blossomed immensely sense these experiences and I owe very large thank you to Falco and the delightful people of Damahur. After returning from Italy I instantly fell into a synchronistic groove as an apprentice to evolutionary architect Eugene Tsui who is well known for his unique and imaginative designs which mimic nature. I currently reside in Mount Shasta CA where I continue my Selfica research and am working to create playful and progressive community like I experienced in Damanhur.

    My developments can be seen at my website, and after completing my architecture apprenticeship I plan to return to Damanhur in the future to research the secret language of Selfica as well as gain a deeper understanding of the intriguing people and methods of Damanhur. Many blessings from the sacred Mount Shasta, home of the ancients in Telos and last of the great Lemurian civilization.

Seth Hargett
[email protected]

The Planetary Grids

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The planetary grid concept is not new, in antiquity Plato spoke about this in his work Timaeus as "the ideal body of cosmos" and explains the grid as the synthesis of the platonic solids. Also in other of his discourses he compares it with a leather ball made of twelve pieces, similar to the ones we know today as Football.

From the birth of our planet the grid that covered the Earth was formed over the matrix of the sacred geometry of the five platonic solids, as emanation of creation.  Plato believed that the basic structure of the Earth was in a process of evolution from simple geometric forms to other more complex. In the order of complexity the five patterns, according to the theory of Plato, that formed the blocks of the crystalline matrix are: The tetrahedron (4 sides), the hexahedron or cube (6 sides), the octahedron (8 sides), the dodecahedron (12 sides) and the icosahedron (20 sides). Plato expounded that Earth was evolving to an icosahedran grid. [See Fig. 1.]


From the Book: "Awakening to Zero Point" by Gregg Braden

Fig. 1. Platonic Solids

For a long time these planetary grids were forgotten until in the last years through the remembering of some and the channeling of others it was started to be spoken of the existence of a Christed grid or spiritual grid that will support us in the change of the planetary consciousness we are living in today.  And fulfilling the hermetic principle as above/so below the appearance of the Internet also proves that the spiritual grid has been materialized in other technological grid, created by the human hand, that today shortens the distances of the world.  Let us say, all that is created or thought of is finally manifested in our dimension.

But Plato was only referring to the geometric grid of the planet, we can say today that there are four known grids around our planet influencing human life.  These, even though separate and functioning independently, are related in a sort of interaction where any change that occurs to any of them, affects the others.



So we have: (1) the magnetic/gravitational, (2) the telluric, (3) the electric, and (4) the one of light/consciousness.


It is known as magnetosphere and is the one that maintains us in our gravitational field around the Sun, it is intimately linked to our star, its energy is feminine.  It is the one that maintains gravity and has been quite amply studied by science. It has the shape of a doughnut or toroid, it is of a magnetic nature as its name tells, and its size and form vary with the solar radiation. Its poles North and South are like two great cones, we may recognize the cone in the North with the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis. This grid is connected to the magnetic axis of the Earth. Lately there have been a lot of  talking about it because the variations of its axis might eventually produce what the scientists call magnetic Chaos, and others, change of dimension.  Because of its feminine nature is a grid associated with emotions, therefore one of the consequences of its instability is also the emotional chaos.  In the last years and due to its variations as a consequence of solar explosions and other internal changes of our sun we have lived an erratic swings of its axis to which many attribute the changes and polarization we have been living through.


It is a grid linked to the collective unconscious, it is also of feminine nature, it is an emotional reflection.  At the physical level it is a lattice of lines that extends on geological faults on one side and geopathogenic zones on the other, these lines are irregular and are generated by two very powerful planetary forces. The first force, the telluric, which is responsible of the adjustments of the Earth's crust, its energies are immense and are released by the geological faults, the subterranean water currents and magma, it is like the circulatory system of Gaia, its vital force. The other force is the geopathogenic lines that form a lattice with the telluric ones, these are the ones being created by the accumulation of disharmonic energy, let us say, they are like the wrinkles and the experience of the Earth. These lines form in places where there have been conflicts, wars, slaughter, death and pain, they are the footprint of these facts that leave a sort of imprinted energetic pattern that makes those energies happen again and again in those same places, are like the scars on the earth. In antiquity this grid was known, that is why it was avoided to found cities or construct houses over the subterranean currents and the geological faults, as well as in the cemeteries and battle fields, knowledge also forgotten by the Westerners with the passing of time, and what has made that many of our great cities have been constructed over geological faults, for that unconscious necessity of the human being of living in intensely energetic places.  Today the new science of Geobiology seeks consciously to heal these terrestrial marks and to change those disharmonic energies.


It is formed by lines created by our civilization with the use of electricity, of high voltage, microwaves, television and radio waves. The name of Hartman was also given to this grid, after the last name of the German physicians that took the task of measuring it, to know its influence over their patients with illnesses such as cancer.  Physically it is an electric lattice formed by lines of 8.25 inches (21 cm.) wide approximately, that create rectangles from 2 to 2.5 meters (6.56 ft. to 8.2 ft.), this one prolongs vertically arriving in some places to great heights where it feeds off of the relaying antennas of microwaves and the high voltage towers.  This grid is like a reservoir where all the human-created electric energies are poured into and it has been determined that its points of intersection may be damaging to health if we stay over them for long periods of time.

It is an artificial electric grid through which an enormous amount of energy flows.  It is of masculine character.

At the beginning of the Twentieth Century the theologian Teilhard de Chardin with his vision of the future foresaw this grid and called it the technosphere; other visionary, José Argüelles, has also taken this name developing many theories over its existence and predicting its demise at the fall of theTwin Towers (9/11/02) that according to him represented the symbol of this grid.

[Comment by Luis Prada:  The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were micro cities with powerful electric systems.  They certainly represented the electric grid that will be demised with the free-energy technology of the vacuum, the inexhaustible source of electromagnetic energy of the fourth dimension studied by Nikola Tesla, Tom Bearden, Bruce DePalma, Viktor Schauberger, Mendel Sachs, John Hutchinson, Thomas Townsend Brown, and others, the zero-point energy.  Research it in the Web using these key words.  I am giving you also some websites for further research:,, ,,, , , , , , , , . See also this article by Dr. Peter Lindemann.]


Last we have the crystalline grid of the planet or ascension grid, this one is the geometric grid of which we said before was mentioned by Plato. The grid of Christ consciousness is of a bipolar nature, combines the feminine and masculine energies, integrates emotions and information, light and love.

Physically it is an energetic structure that surrounds our planet reflecting and amplifying the ascension of our levels of consciousness. It is a crystalline matrix of light, formed by a dodecahedron and an icosahedron, one inside the other creating a great polyhedron converted into a sphere.  It can be visualized as a geodesic sphere formed by pentagons and triangles, glimmering as a faceted diamond.  It is the crystalline seed of the new consciousness of the terrestrial star.

The grid of consciousness is anchored to the Earth at two axes.  Great amount of energy flows from the North axis to the outside and enters again at the South and extends by 90 Km. above the terrestrial surface.  It is a lattice of lines that has also been called ley lines; at the points of intersection of them are created energy vortexes that in turn coincide with so called power places. It is a fractal grid, let us say, it repeats infinitely to itself and it is of a holographic nature, let's say, any fragment however minute contains the whole.  This grid was also known to ancients and it is why many of the monuments, religious sanctuaries and places of peregrination coincided with its lines.

It is called the Christ consciousness because it is an aspect of the collective consciousness that recognizes itself as a one only Being, it carries the potential of the Christ principle of unity. It is in that grid where is imprinted all the necessary information to experiment the Christ consciousness.


The ley lines are the footprint on the Earth of the Christ consciousness grid.  In the places where these lines cross each other or where vectorially coincide it is produced a greater concentration of energy.  Our ancestors also knew of this concentration and many of the mystical and sacred sanctuaries of antiquity were constructed over those coinciding points.

There exist maps of this grid where it is established a number of 62 main vortices around the world with their respective power places.  Thus we can see that the number 1 is strategically located over the outlet of the Nile and that its action area includes the pyramids of Gizah, Heliopolis in Egypt and Herod's temple in Jerusalem.  Other key point of the Christic grid is the number 18 that is located in the famous Bermuda Triangle and under which influence are no just the Caribbean islands, but cities like México, Caracas and Bogotá.

That is why today many people feel the need to travel to those places and experiment the energy by being there, they are places that power the consciousness and serve by charging us with energy.  Since in these places the Christ energy is powered, when we visit them we can feel or recognize this state of conscious union with the all: The loving state of the oneness.


The grids reflect, and as an extension, regulate consciousness parameters of both, Gaia and spirit.  The magnetic and telluric grids have been adjusted and readjusted in repeated occasions since the human being set foot over the terrestrial plane thousand of years ago and in the last years by the magnetic entity Kryon. The grid of light and consciousness have evolved with the increment of consciousness.

It was since 1987 when Harmonic Convergence happened that our planet was included in the so called Galactic Confederation, and from there the level of Earth's light has been exponentially augmenting. The magnetic grid with the work of the entity Kryon was adjusted to clear the veil that separates humans in their duality.  The telluric grid has also been adjusted to increment the vibratory rate in the sacred places.  The grid of light or of ascension has also had its evolution towards a more elaborate geometric model, capable of regulating a much more sophisticated code of light, turning into a much more faceted and complex crystalline matrix compared with creation's sacred matrix called The Flower of Life [see Fig. 2] and more in accordance with changes of DNA we are all experimenting.


Vortex Based Math

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Marko Rodin has discovered the source of the non-decaying spin of the electron. Although scientists know that all electrons in the universe spin, they have never discovered the source of this spin. Rodin has. He has discovered the underpinning geometry of the universe, the fabric of time itself. He has done this by reducing all higher mathematics – calculus, geometry, scalar math – to discrete-number mathematics.


With the introduction of Vortex-Based Mathematics you will be able to see how energy is expressing itself mathematically. This math has no anomalies and shows the dimensional shape and function of the universe as being a toroid or donut-shaped black hole. This is the template for the universe and it is all within our base ten decimal system!


The potential scope and breadth of the Rodin Solution is staggering; it is universally applicable in mathematics, science, biology, medicine, genetics, astronomy, chemistry, physics and computer science. The Rodin Solution will revolutionize computer hardware by creating a crucial gap space, or equi-potential major groove, in processors. This gap space generates underpinning nested vortices resulting in far higher efficiency with no heat build-up. The Rodin Solution replaces the binary code with a new code called the binary triplet which will revolutionize computer operating systems. It will transform physics and astrophysics by finally answering how black holes and pulsars work. Space travel will be revolutionized by reactionless drives that are unaffected by the weight they pull, making the present day combustion engine obsolete. The revolution brought on by reactionless drives will far surpass the societal changes wrought by the shift from steam engines to the present day combustion engine. The Rodin Solution can even be applied to ending pollution and drought by creating an inexhaustible, nonpolluting energy source. Because Rodin´s Vortex-Based Mathematics enables him to condense a trillion-fold calculation to only a few integer steps and because he is able to solve all the mathematical enigmas, the Rodin Solution will revolutionize computer information compression.


Rudimentary versions of the Rodin Coil, or Rodin Torus, have been created and tested by leading scientists and are presently being used by the U.S. Government in antennas that protect the four corners of the continental U.S.. Life-saving medical devices based on crude approximations of the Rodin Coil Torus are being manufactured and used in the treatment of cancer patients. Microsoft´s former senior researcher is using the Rodin Coil to research, develop and patent new computer information-compression schemes.


Although many people are applying aspects of the Rodin Solution, on the basis of private consultations and a Rodin monograph published 20 years ago, Marko Rodin has never explained key concepts such as the phasing and energization of the Rodin Coil. Although there has been a virtual stampede to get at this work, Rodin has remained silent or uncooperative, preferring to continue his work and research in isolation. He is now ready to reveal publicly the true power and scope of the Rodin Solution.

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