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A Life-Changing Journey to Damanhur by: Seth Hargett

Posted by Seth on November 6, 2013 at 4:45 PM

A Life-Changing Journey to Damanhur

by: Seth Hargett


    In 2007, while researching one of my favorite topics, Atlantis, on the internet I stumbled across one of the Damanhur sites depicting the paintings of the time travel adventure to the advanced ancient civilization, and so began one of the most significant journeys of my life. After studying the Damanhur website I knew I had to go to this place.

    Since my youth I have felt that I was put here to live and play in such a way as the Damanhurians were describing. I had been searching for years for such a collective with such unique vision and I was relieved to have finally found what I had been looking for. Shortly after, I made plans for the journey not knowing what exactly would happen when I got there. I did not have much money to spend so I was putting it up to the cosmos to see me through such a quest knowing that I had to go no matter what. I sold my jeep, quit my job, moved out of my studio and headed to the airport with my one way ticket and my backpack.

    The over sea flight was full of good feelings and a sense of ease that only comes when one is fulfilling their life plan, and upon arrival I was impressed with how the people of Damanhur made me feel welcome and at home. Even though I could not speak Italian I received many smiles and an overall feeling of goodwill coming from the residents. Because of my lack of funds I had not planned on doing a paid program or tour so I was just going to jump straight into a work exchange program in hopes that I could learn more about the people of Damanhur. Well it seems creator had other plans for me.

     Turns out I showed up just as a primi passi tour group was beginning to show up, which I had no previous idea about. After meeting the travelers from the group we made some interesting connections. One of the women from the group recognized me from a past life and claimed that my deceased sister came to her and commanded her to pay for my attendance. The mysterious woman proved to be psychic because I had not told her of my deceased sister nor how demanding she could be. I accepted the money with shock and took it as a sign to go forward with the tour group. Over the following few weeks my world was turned inside out and I began to see through new eyes. Having never been out of the USA I was in awe at my situation and I knew that great forces were at work to make this happen for me. I learned much from the primi passi tour and made connections of a lifetime with the other members.

    I took a very deep interest in Selfica, all the art, and the Temples of Humankind which touched my being on a magnetic cellular level. While staying in the nucleo above the temples I had a very profound experience where Falco came to me in a dream and touched my forehead. This caused a surge of energy and magnetism to pulse through my body and created a very pleasant yet profound feeling that is very hard to describe. It was as if I received a sort of download or activation. The other person in the room said she also felt a very profound energy in the room that night and asked me what I was doing. She described the energy as being orgasmic and it was actually her experiencing of this that actually woke me from the dream.

    Well he must have planted a seed or awakened a deep memory within me because now after five years I have continued to develop and benefit from my own form of selfica as well as live a very artistic and community based life. My life has blossomed immensely sense these experiences and I owe very large thank you to Falco and the delightful people of Damahur. After returning from Italy I instantly fell into a synchronistic groove as an apprentice to evolutionary architect Eugene Tsui who is well known for his unique and imaginative designs which mimic nature. I currently reside in Mount Shasta CA where I continue my Selfica research and am working to create playful and progressive community like I experienced in Damanhur.

    My developments can be seen at my website, and after completing my architecture apprenticeship I plan to return to Damanhur in the future to research the secret language of Selfica as well as gain a deeper understanding of the intriguing people and methods of Damanhur. Many blessings from the sacred Mount Shasta, home of the ancients in Telos and last of the great Lemurian civilization.

Seth Hargett
[email protected]

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