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What is Selfica?


     ‘Selfica’, is a discipline that involves the concentration and direction of vital and intelligent energies. Selfica was widely used in Atlantis and traces of its use can also be found in Egyptian, Etruscan and Celtic cultures. The ancient Arabs used Selfica until the VIII century B.C.

     We here at "Immortal Tools" create structures based on the spiral and the use of metals, colours, and minerals that are able to host intelligent energies. With a simple structure based on metals, particular substances and geometric combinations, Selfica facilitates the superimposition of the complexity of living beings. The particular energies that selfic structures call upon are in fact living life forms, border intelligences that pass from one reality to another acting as intermediaries between planes of existence.

Selfica is an ancient art that creates structures based on precise mathematics which connect to specialized energies and intelligence.

     Selfic energies belong to a sector of our universe characterized by ultra-light speed and when they are called inside an object it is as if they undergo a kind of deceleration. Building a selfic structure is a way of making a body available for the use of the ‘Self ‘. The intelligence of the Self is in fact the energy that manages the physical part of the structure and which continues to use the laws of its own plane of existence in order to act in ours. The interaction of a Self with an individual is always based upon mutual advantage: for this reason Selfs can be considered specialist symbionts. The Self attracts useful conditions for physical life or for the development of personal potential, connecting to the aura through the ‘microlines’: the energy lines of the human body as well as the ley lines of the electromagnetic planetary grid.

 Experts in Selfica direct their research to the creation of ‘live’ objects with functions that are aimed specifically at the well being of the user.

     In exchange the selfic intelligence has the opportunity to gain experience of a different world from that in which it originates. Selfs and human beings do not live all aspects of their existence in reciprocal interaction, only those that bring specific mutual advantage. The largest selfic structure on the planet is hosted by the Temples of Humankind, a great underground work of art built by the citizens of the Federation of Damanhur. The selfic installation’s principal function is to correct, balance and modify sound, rhythm and time. The Temples seen in the context of a laboratory create the ideal conditions for interacting with Higher Forces for the evolution of humanity. The use of the selfic structures of the Temples has allowed for the development of new areas of research, both in the field of health and the exploration of time and space.

   -Selfica description from the Federation of Damanhur-

Among their many uses, Selfs are used to encourage personal and environmental harmony and to amplify sensorial capacities.


                                                   The Torus


    The Torus is a fundamental geometry in all of reality, and very inherently connected to the essence of our existence. It quite literally connects ideas about nature and energy flow with the infinite nature and the source field of all things.

    Whereas the Vector Equilibrium represents the ultimate stillness of energy, the Torus shows us how energy moves in its most balanced dynamic flow process. The important thing to understand about the torus is that it represents a process, not just a particular form.

    The torus is the oldest structure in existence and without it nothing could exist. The toroidal shape is similar to a donut but rather than having an empty central "hole", the topology of a torus folds in upon itself and all points along its surface converge together into a zero-dimensional point at the center called the Vertex. 

Earth's Torus

    It has even been suggested that the torus can be used to define the workings of consciousness itself.  In other words...consciousness has a geometry! The geometric shape used to describe the self-reflexive nature of consciousness is the torus. The torus allows a vortex of energy to form which bends back along itself and re-enters itself. It 'inside-outs', continuously flowing back into itself. Thus the energy of a torus is continually refreshing itself, continually influencing itself.
Toroidal energy fields exist around every thing. 
People. Trees. Earth. Planets. The Sun. The Solar System. The Galaxy. The Universe. The Source.

A Tree has a torus
Apple torus

A Tornado is an emission from the white hole of a torus

      Electrical engineers are very familiar with tori as frequency converters.  One frequency goes in one end and a different one comes out the other side.
     All Tori have a black hole at one end and a white hole at the other. Black holes suck in energy and white holes emit it.  So in our human body tori we have black (negatively charged) and white (positively charged) holes.    

In the body the spindle of the torus creates the Hara Line with Crown Chakra
at the top and Root chakra at the base

    When the torus is in balance and the energy is flowing we are in a perfect state to clear ourselves of anything that is ‘not self’ anything that prevents us being our authentic selves. 

Human Aura Torus and Heart Torus

Zero Point Energy Field

- A singularity where the law of physics no longer applies

A Singularity with a black hole recycling by drawing in energy and a white hole emitting light
Nasa image
This ZPE occurs at the junction of the white hole and the black hole where there is what is known as the Vertex.  The ZPE energizes and enlivens living organisms.  It neutralizes harmful frequencies. It increases spiritual awareness, a sense of oneness, and is in our higher consciousness.  This is ostensibly a void of nothingness yet it contains full potential to create. 
Because this Zero Point Energy Fields exists within us wherever a torus exists we truly are fully conscious empowered beings.  This ZPEF contains pure potential and can only be activated in one way.  By the power of intention, also known as will ( this is not personal egoic willpower but our heart based divine will).  

The Torus sends out information about itself into its surroundings and that information can be picked up by another sentient conscious being.
In humans the energy flow in through the head and feet is bidirectional. In other words it flows like the tides one way and then the next. In the matrix of this flow are the wave and particle relationships that structure and govern the nurturing "cosmic" energy from which we are crystallized.

                                        The Genesa Crystal


                                                        What is a Genesa Crystal?

     The Genesa Crystal is a sacred geometric sculpture that can be used as a powerful tool for manifestation. Because its shape is perfectly aligned with nature, it generates an energy vortex that amplifies the intentions of those in its presence. In effect, it becomes an antenna that attracts, cleanses, balances, and finally amplifies energy.


                                                        Why is it Called a Crystal?

     The Genesa has been tagged a crystal because its geometric shape mirrors that of natural crystals and, like a natural crystal, the Genesa creates a vortex of energy that resonates a specific pattern over an indefinite period of time.


                                                     How is it Used?

     Programming a Genesa is as simple as sitting it in a room or garden. No special instructions are required as the frequency of your subconscious intent is automatically picked up by this powerful antenna. However, the Genesa Crystal can be attuned to a specific intention by simply instructing it to do so. This can be done by focusing on the crystal during meditation or holding it in your hands while saying a prayer. You can also breathe your intent into the crystal. 

     To increase the power of your Genesa Crystal, place a favorite crystal in the center. For instance, a rose quartz can be used to magnify love in your life, an amethyst can by used to magnify intuitive powers, or a clear quartz crystal can be used to promote peace and harmony. People have also been known to place money in the center to attract abundance, photos in the center to protect a loved one or help them heal, or a card that simply states a specific intention. Nothing wonderful is off limits! Genesa crystals are also used to make flower essences (see Machelle Small Wright's book "Flower Essences" for instructions) and they are often used in Feng Shui to restore balance in a home or office. Healers also use Genesa Crystals in their healing work to balance the energy of their offices or their client and to magnify intentions for healing and protection.


                                            Who will Benefit from a Genesa Crystal? 

     Genesa Crystals are useful for everyone! They are used by healers to magnify their healing intentions, business owners to increase the flow of business, and gardeners to aid in the growth and development of plants. A Genesa is beneficial for anyone who would like to attract more love, peace, harmony, money, or good health into his or her lives. 

     Genesa Crystals are opportunity for people to participate in the healing of our planet. Just having a Genesa Crystal or Pentasphere helps to cleanse and balance the energies on Mother Earth. It is a great tool through which the universal forces can work to restore peace and harmony to the earth plane. Because it carries the energies eternally, you can set your intent and walk away and let the crystal do the work.

     Genesa Crystals are also known to facilitate the meditation process and many people report an increased awareness and many deeply moving experiences while meditating inside a Genesa Crystal.


Genesa Crystals and Plants

The Genesa crystal is perhaps best known for its use at the famous gardens of Perelandra and Findhorn. Machaelle Small Wright, founder of the Perelandra Nature Research Center, uses it as "an energy air conditioner" stating that the Genesa "draws in positive energy from within a 2 mile radius, then cleanses it, balances it, and sends it back out." She also uses a Genesa in her home.

Genesa's have been reported to have a tremendous effect on plants, often credited with bringing a lackluster garden back to life. They have also been known to return an ailing tree to perfect health and to keep unwanted guests from invading your garden while you sleep! Interestingly, gardens protected by a Genesa are less likely to frost in cold weather, often showing affects of frost on the side AWAY from they crystal and remaining green on the side facing the crystal. 
Genesa Crystals and Nature Spirits

Nature spirits, fairies, and angels are also known to be highly attracted to the Genesa Crystals, which is thought to account for the increased vibrancy and yield of gardens that have a Genesa Crystal in them. Many people report seeing fairies near the crystals or of having increased communication with nature in its presence. There is some speculation that the presence of a Genesa crystal can actually increase psychic or intuitive powers.


 Sacred Geometry and Genesa

     This archetypal sacred geometry pattern is technically called a cube octahedron, an Archimedean Solid, that uniquely contains within it all of the 5 Platonic Solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron), shapes that are the building blocks for all organic life. These were seen as static and separate from one another, until in 1946 Buckminster Fuller , a visionary architect and designer of the geodesic dome, used his energetic - synergetic geometry to show that they are, in fact, related to each other as phases of a mutual transformational process vibrating within the shape of the cube octahedron. He said that " is the only referential pattern of conceptual relationships at which nature never pauses". It is considered by some to be his most important discovery.

               GENESA: “Crystal Clear Living”

   A General Systems Approach to Life. Integrating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth through movement experiences guided by the life-size geometry of Genesa crystal models.      

 The Super Energies are

life, love, light and let.

They are the control systems for:

instinct, intuition, insight and inspiration.

These fundamental organizing forces exist in the

physical, mental and spiritual worlds.

    Genesa is is a Super Energy System that serves to clear the way for anything you want to do. It is an active-creative-integration of  Mind-Body-Spirit in 13-dimensional crystals. The crystals are large person size skeletal forms of the geometry of nature, such as the cell and the eye.

    By stepping inside a skeletal crystal and simulating the movements of cell division in 13 dimensions, a Moving Meditation is activated and one becomes adept at circumscribing the personal living energy field, condition it, clarifying it, and taking charge of it.

    Then by controlling the form, flow, focus and function of the Super Energy Systems with the MIND to create specific environments, the genes can be selectively activated at will and used as Gene Teams.

     GENESA has many attributes of Yoga, Prayer, Meditation, T’ai Chi, and Spiritual Breath Control. It is a means of using balance, rhythm, and symmetry to harmonize the Super Energies, or Essences, in gravity, Time Space, and electro-magnetic fields.”  

                               Derald G. Langham, Ph.D. (1978)

       The GENESA Foundation was formed by Dr. Derald Langham, innovative plant geneticist, as an educational and spiritual non-profit organization that is dedicated to these principles:

    these forces manifest themselves in everyday lives;

    awareness of these forces helps us to be more creative, insightful and productive beings.

    Dr. Langham gained fundamental insights into the nature of these forces through work in genetics and extension to other universal phenomena. See a bio of his scientific work at

        The GENESA FOUNDATION continues and expands on Derald’s work. Membership in the foundation is open to all. In the 1950s Dr. Derald Langham, agricultural geneticist and author of Circle Gardening , developed the Genesa Concept "as a model that can carry us from one learning experience to another, integrate the known, and probe into the unknown".

    Genesa Crystals mirror the cellular pattern of an embryonic living organism after the third cell division. This eight-cell stage of cell development is identical in all life forms.

     Dr. Langham felt that it held " the full potential for infinite love, for infinite wisdom, for infinite form, for infinite energy, for infinite power, for the Soul, for eternal time, for infinite velocity, for infinite faith. It has all our goals, desires, motivations - even life itself". Genesa Crystals "make visible the invisible, make visible the geometry of the energy fields that envelope our 3rd dimensional system and penetrate it to the core"

                                         The Vector Equilibrium

    The Vector Equilibrium (VE) is the most primary geometric energy array in the cosmos. According to Bucky Fuller, the VE is more appropriately referred to as a “system” than as a structure, due to it having square faces that are inherently unstable and therefore non-structural. Given its primary role in the vector-based forms of the cosmos, though, we include it in this section.

    The Vector Equilibrium, as its name describes, is the only geometric form wherein all of the vectors are of equal length and angular relationship (60° angles throughout). This includes both from its center point out to its circumferential vertices, and the edges (vectors) connecting all of those vertices. Having the same form as a cuboctahedron, it was Buckminster Fuller who discovered the significance of the full vector symmetry in 1917 and called it the Vector Equilibrium in 1940. With all vectors being exactly the same length and angular relationship, from an energetic perspective, the VE represents the ultimate and perfect condition wherein the movement of energy comes to a state of absolute equilibrium, and therefore absolute stillness and nothingness. As Fuller states, because of this it is the zero-phase from which all other forms emerge (as well as all dynamic energy events, as will be described below). In Fuller's own words, "The vector equilibrium is the zero starting point for happenings or non-happenings: it is the empty theater and empty circus and empty Universe ready to accomodate any act and any audience."

Structure of the Unified Field — The VE and Isotropic Vector Matrix

    The most fundamental aspect of the VE to understand is that, being a geometry of absolute equilibrium wherein all fluctuation (and therefore differential) ceases, it is conceptually the geometry of what we call the zero-point or Unified Field — also called the "vacuum" of space. In order for anything to become manifest in the universe, both physically (energy) and metaphysically (consciousness), it requires a fluctuation in the Unified Field, the result of which fluctuation and differential manifests as the Quantum and Spacetime fields that are observable and measurable. Prior to this fluctuation, though, the Unified Field exists as pure potential, and according to contemporary theory in physics it contains an infinite amount of energy (and in cosmometry, as well as spiritual philosophies, an infinite creative potential of consciousness).

    Being a geometry of equal vectors and equal 60° angles, it is possible to extend this equilibrium array infinitely outward from the center point of the VE, producing what is called the Isotropic Vector Matrix (IVM). Isotropic means “all the same”, Vector means “line of energy”, and Matrix means “a pattern of lines of energy”. It is this full isotropic vector matrix that can be seen as the infinitely-present-at-all-scales-and-in-perfect-equilibrium geometry of the zero-point Unified Field. Every point in this matrix is a potential center point of a VE around which a condition of dynamic fluctuation may arise to manifest. And as has been stated and is seen in this image, this VE geometry is inherent in this matrix (the green lines comprise the VE):


                                          Illustration by Goa Lobaugh - Liquid Buddha Studios


The IVM also consists of a simple arrangement of alternating tetrahedron and octahedron geometries, as seen in this illustration:


    In fact, the VE itself can be seen to consist of a symmetrical array of eight tetrahedons with their bases representing the triangular faces of the VE, and all pointing towards the VE’s center point. (The square faces are the bases of half-octahedron, like the form of the pyramids in Eqypt.)


    Given this primary presence of tetrahedons in the VE and IVM, researcher Nassim Haramein sought to determine the most balanced symmetry of them that takes into account the positive and negative polarity of the IVM structure (i.e. “upward” and “downward” pointing tetrahedrons). He identified an arrangement of tetrahedrons in the IVM that, at a scale of complexity one level greater than the primary VE geometry, defines the most balanced array of energy structures (tetrahedons) wherein the positive and negative polarities are equal and without “gaps” in the symmetry. This arrangement consists of 32 positive and 32 negative tetrahedrons for a total 64, and looks like this (notice the underlying VE symmetry as well):


    Beyond the VE’s primary zero-phase symmetry, the 64 Tetrahedron Grid, as it is known, represents the first conceptual fractal of structural wholeness in balanced integrity. It is noteworthy that the quantity of 64 is found in numerous systems in the cosmos, including the 64 codons in our DNA, the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching (Chinese Book of Changes), the 64 tantric arts of the Kama Sutra, as well as in the Mayan Calendar’s underlying structure. It appears that the 64-based quantitative value is of primary importance in the fundamental structure of the Unified Field and how that field manifests from its implicate (pre-manifest) order to its explicate (manifest) order, both physically and metaphysically. (See also the relationship between the Analog and Digital realms describing numerically how both the binary 64-based system and the Phi-based Fibonacci system are in intimate coordination.)


Other Primary Attributes of the Vector Equilibrium

12 Spheres Around 1

Another way of deriving the geometry of the VE is by using 13 spheres of the same diameter. Using one sphere as the center point, we can then pack twelve spheres around this “nucleus” sphere, as seen in the illustration below. Given that the diameter is the same for all of the spheres, the centers of each sphere will be equidistant from all of their adjacent neighbors, including the center one. The lines connecting their centers are the vectors of the VE. Because it’s an array of 12 spheres around one central sphere, we can refer to the VE’s geometry as a 12-around-1 system. We can then consider this system when we examine the cosmometric relationships of 12-based systems such as the 12-tone music scale, the astrological zodiac, and the Sectors of Human Concern. (See also this figure from Fuller's Synergetics)


                                                                     4 Hexagonal Planes

The VE also has the attribute of consisting of four hexagons symmetrically arrayed in four planes. As can be seen in the illustration below, there is one at the equator or horizon plane (red), one encircling the whole VE as if being viewed from directly above (blue), and two at left and right-tilting angles (green and purple). They are all 60°s from each other, and the angles they define are exactly the same as those of the faces of a tetrahedron. According to Fuller, this is the zero-tetrahedron, wherein the tetrahedron’s faces have all converged simultaneously on its center point. (It is also significant to note that the 8 triangular faces of the VE symmetrically match the 8 triangular faces of a star tetrahedron as well, this being a polar-balanced geometry of the tetrahedron’s most basic structural form; see the Tetrahedron page for more on this).


It is because the VE has these four hexagonal planes defining its spatial coordinates (and therefore, too, the IVM) that Fuller says that the foundation of the cosmic geometry is actually 4-dimensional, as opposed to the conventional 3-dimensional 90° X,Y,Z coordinate system historically assumed to be fundamental.


The Spherical VE or Genesa Crystal

It is to the symmetrical arrangement of these four hexagonal planes that we align the four phi double spiral field patterns in the basic model of cosmometry. In essence, the points of these hexagons all touch the surface of a sphere, and the phi double spiral boundaries define in the simplest manner the great-circle vectors of a spherical VE. This form, pictured below, is also known as the Genesa Crystal, and is purported to possess the property of balancing and cleansing the energy of the environment surrounding it for a distance of 2 miles when using a 16” diameter model. (See this link for more information on the Genesa Crystal, and this video of one inhabiting the center of the garden at the Perelandra Center for Nature Research in Virginia, USA). In essence, this simple form, even when built solely of copper or brass strips or tubing, sets up a resonance with the underlying structure of the Unified Field, thus creating an island of coherence is a sea of naturally occurring “chaos,” amplifying the equilibrium state throughout its surrounding local field.



 The VE’s Relationship to the Cube and Octahedron

    In the terminology of basic geometry, the form that the VE defines as a solid is called a cuboctahedron (pronounced “cube-octahedron”). As is evident from its name, this form has a symmetrical relationship to both the cube and the octahedron, wherein the six square faces of the VE are symmetrical to the faces of a cube, and the eight triangular faces of the VE are symmetrical to the faces of an octahedron. Another way of seeing this is that the structures of both a cube and an octahedron can be “wrapped” around a VE.

    This will be significant when we explore in the next section the dynamic nature of the VE’s ability to contract and expand and transfer energy and information seamlessly throughout the entire Unified Field across all scales instantaneously.


The Jitterbug

    So far we have looked at the VE in its static state (or more correctly, its ultimate dynamic equilibrium zero state). In other words, we’ve looked at the form in its state of perfect symmetry. What is also quite remarkable about the VE is that, given it has six square faces and that squares are inherently non-structural (only triangles are structurally stable), the VE has the ability to “collapse” inward, drawing the twelve outer points symmetrically towards its center point. As it does so it goes from its state of perfect equilibrium (the zero-phase) into a dynamic “spin” that can contract in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. When contracted and expanded alternating in both directions, it exhibits a dynamic “pumping” action that Fuller called the Jitterbug (after the dance of the 1930’s that was popular at the time he was exploring this phenomenon).


    It is due to this dynamic jitterbug motion of the VE that the entire manifest universe arises, and most fundamentally that the five platonic forms arise as the foundation of all structural geometry in the cosmos.

    To understand this, first consider again that the VE (and whole IVM) is the conceptual zero-phase cosmometry of the Unified Field. The Unified Field has an infinite energetic and creative potential. This potential is untapped until an impulse is introduced that causes the IVM to go out of equilibrium, and when it does so it “collapses the field” (as is often said in quantum physics when the consciousness of an observer seeks to determine the location or angular momentum of a quantum energy event) and an extremely minute amount of the Field’s infinite energy comes into a polarized dynamic of spin, differential, form and motion. A local energy event has emerged from the otherwise invisible and non-measurable Unified Field (a local energy event being something as basic as a photon, electron, proton, etc, and growing in complexity all the way to the macro scale of super-massive galactic clusters). Once a local energy event has arisen, a dynamic tension arises between its center point (its local “gravitational center”) and those in its near proximity as the contractive force of the collapsed field “pulls” on the surrounding field, and the center of each event tries to pull the others inward towards itself. When a stabilized system of such points arises, a geometric “tensegrity” form of energy is created.

    The center point of each event can be described as the “singularity” around which the event is manifesting that remains connected to the infinite energy/density of the Unified Field. In this way, we can say that everything has a center point, and all center points are one (because they are continuously connected to the Unified Field’s IVM structure and therefore entirely and constantly unified). It is this unification of center points that explains non-local effects in the quantum realm that are proven to exist experimentally, wherein a change in the state of a quantum particle will simultaneously cause the same change in state of a paired particle across vast distances instantly (apparently violating the proposed cosmic “speed limit” of the manifest universe that is traditionally defined as the speed of light).


Giving Birth to the Universe

    As stated, as soon as the IVM/VE goes out of equilibrium, all of the dynamic forces that are observable and measurable arise — mass, angular momentum, spin, charge, etc. Differential is introduced as the once perfectly calm Unified Field fluctuates and the jitterbugging motion causes waves to emanate into the field, creating what we call the spacetime field of manifest universe. At the quantum level, this jitterbugging is happening at such a high rate (1044 times per second, the rate at which quantum particles are said to pop in and out of existence) that we do not realize that it is constantly going back and forth between the manifest state (out of equilibrium) and the non-manifest state (perfect equilibrium VE). Again, this quantum dynamic shows how everything in the universe is both individual and unified simultaneously.

    What is remarkable about the cosmometry of this jitterbugging dynamic is that, in one swift motion all of the primary geometric forms — the platonic structures — come into energetic manifestation.

    As has been repeatedly mentioned, Fuller called the VE’s geometry the zero-phase. As the VE collapses inward and the square faces contract across one of their diagonals, the length of that diagonal distance becomes the same length as the VE’s edges. At this moment the symmetry of the icosahedron arises. This is what Fuller calls the icosahedral phase. (Note that the dodecahedron is the symmetrical “dual” of the icosahedron and is therefore energetically implied at this phase as well; and according to researcher Robert Gray, there is also a dodecahedral phase further along the contracting VE’s motion as illustrated below). Continuing on its inward journey, the square faces of the VE continue to contract across the diagonal until the gap is completely closed. At this moment the symmetry of the octahedron arises. This octahedral phase now displays a doubling of the vectors of the VE, creating an extremely strong bonding tension as is found in atomic elements that have octahedral symmetry. (Note that the cube is the symmetrical dual of the octahedron and is therefore implied in this phase as well, and as noted above is also inherent in the primary symmetry of the VE itself. 

 Icosahedron Phase of VE Jitterbug  Dodecahedron phase of VE Jitterbug

    From the viewpoint of a physical model of a VE contracting through these phases, the octahedron can be seen as the minimum contraction state, after which the jitterbugging motion must expand again and return to its fully expanded VE phase. From a purely energetic viewpoint, though, this motion can continue, and ultimately it reaches the phase of symmetry of the tetrahedron. In fact, it is even possible to show this using a physical model, being able to spin the jitterbugging contraction past the octahedron phase and folding the model into a tetrahedron (now with the vectors bonded four-fold). And this can also then be further collapsed into the most fundamental unit of structure, the triangle, with the VE’s edges now bonded six-fold — all without breaking any of the connections at the corner points of the VE model. In this way, we have now shown how the VE — the zero-phase potential of all form — inherently contains all of the primary platonic structures, and that they arise from the dynamic fluctuation of the Unified Field as it collapses through the various platonic phases into manifest form. Depending on the resonance of the dynamic tension (tensegrity) of the energy events at play, the different geometric forms will be seen as the underlying symmetry of structure.


Infinite and Instantaneous Exchange of Energy and Information Throughout the Unified Field

    As mentioned previously, the collapsed VE can be seen to have the octahedron as its fully contracted form. And as also mentioned, the octahedron can also be wrapped around the fully expanded VE form, with the faces of the octahedron symmetrically aligned with the triangular faces of the VE. As such, we can then see how the same octagonal form is present at both the minimum and maximum phases of the jitterbugging motion, and can therefore also be deemed to fill either role at any moment (or both roles simultaneously, more appropriately). 



    This is the fractal scaling nature of the dynamic motion of the VE wherein one scale’s maximum (VE form) has wrapped around it the next larger scale’s minimum octahedron form. This new minimum then expands to become the next scale’s maximum VE, itself then having the next minimum octahedron wrapped around it, and so on moving expandingly and contractingly up and down the cosmic micro to macro spectrum.

    The next animation illustrates this phenomenon showing the simultaneous expansion and contraction alternating between scales and meeting in the octahedral moment that is symmetrical to both the manifest octahedron phase (minimum contracted state) and the unmanifest zero-phase of the VE. In this way we can see once again that inherent in the dynamic flow of energy in the quantum field is a continuous return to the zero-point Unified Field, at which moment all is instantaneously and infinitely unified.

 click image for animation

And as this next animation illustrates, there is also an instant and infinite exchange of information throughout the entire field, depicted here as the small triangles that are picked up by the larger triangles and carried further up the scale ad infinitum. Each triangle is a packet of information relevant to the fractal scale at which it exists, and as soon as this packet of information reaches its new maximum expansion state, it becomes instantly available to the entire Unified Field. In this way, all information about energy events throughout the entire cosmos is instantly and constantly available to all other energy events in a cosmic feedback loop of individual and unified holographic integrity. This simple dynamic model and its implications as described lend a logical cosmometric explanation to such phenomena as clairvoyance, clairaudience, long-distance healing, quantum entanglement, etc.


click image for animation

    The scaling ratio of this relationship is a doubling of the VE’s diameter at every iteration. It is octave scaling such as is found in sound frequencies and music.

    It is also important to understand that the jitterbugging motion of the VE within the isotropic field exhibits both an expansive and contractive dynamic simultaneously, with VE's adjacent to each other "shunting" energy through the matrix. This illustration by Robert Gray and Foster Gamble depicts this dynamic pulsation.


click image for animation

Jitterbugging Dynamic as Toroidal Flow Form

    As the VE jitterbug spins inward it sets up a differential of energy density (i.e. pressure, electromagnetic charge) that sets in motion a dual vortex flow that creates the form of a torus. The pumping of the jitterbug sustains this toroidal form in a balanced rhythmic exchange of energy that flows through the manifest system. From a fractal-holographic perspective, it is this fundamental dynamic that takes place at every scale, first expressed as photons, then sub-atomic particles, which then aggregate into the geometric arrays of atoms, which aggregate into compounds that form crystals, minerals, cells and organs, and then whole organisms such as trees, animals, us, and then ecosystems, atmospheres, planets, stars and galaxies. At every scale the toroidal flow dynamic is active as long as the coherence of the manifest energy is maintained. Once the coherence is lost (as energy dissipates or is disrupted due to internal or external factors), the toroidal form will no longer remain stable and will resolve back into a state of dynamic equilibrium. A good example of this is the appearance and disappearance of vortexes in a stream of water. The dynamic equilibrium is the stream moving as a whole. Within this stream the water will interact with an object like a rock, and the resulting pressure differentials will cause a collapse of the water’s field into a vortex (the vortex being, in this case, the visible portion of a complete toroidal flow dynamic that is occurring invisibly in the water).

    According to physicist David Bohm, this is the true nature of the underlying field (sub-quantum field, as he calls it) wherein there is a continuous current of flow (which he termed the holomovement) within which vortices of energy emerge (as photons, electrons, etc). These vortices are both distinct in their form and completely connected to each other and the whole current, just as is the case with water.

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